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The Kiran Anjali Project’s mission is to provide guidance and financial support to institutions providing education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, in India.

T he Kiran Anjali Project is a labor of love born out of an international collaboration of women.  We are women who believe in the strength of our daughters worldwide and want to help under privileged children, especially girls, achieve their dreams through education.

Linda Floyd and Sheryl Hoye became friends while living in Hyderabad, India in 2008. They found they had a shared passion for women’s issues and a desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Both volunteered their time with local, grassroots organizations working to improve the lives of women and children in the Hyderabad area.   They were impressed by the life-changing work being done by local women and wanted to continue supporting their efforts.

When Linda and Sheryl returned to the USA they founded the Kiran Anjali Project, a nonprofit with a mission to provide guidance and financial support to institutions providing education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, in India.  The Kiran Anjali Project was named in honor of their daughters in order to help other children in India.  The Hindi meaning of Kiran is ray of light and Anjali means gift.  The Kiran Anjali Project wants to shine the gift of a quality education on disadvantaged children in India.


I t’s risky to be born a poor girl in India today.  Cultural traditions such as dowries make having a girl seem a burden for low income families.

As a result, poor girls are:

  • less likely to be educated
  • less likely to receive medical attention when sick
  • more likely to be malnourished because they are fed less than their brothers
  • at high risk for early marriage
  • at high risk for exploitation, such as child labor and prostitution

The situation is more serious than ever as India’s gender ratio is now skewed heavily in favor of boys.  As numerous articles and studies have pointed out, selective abortion has resulted in millions more boys in India than girls.

Because of this, trafficking of girls and women has become a national problem. Girls are being trafficked to be forced into early marriage or prostitution.

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There are many grassroots organizations in India working to keep children in school where they belong but they need our help.

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