Nita (center rear) with some of the Plus2 Girls, their parents, and partner project managers.

My first visit to our projects in Hyderabad turned out to be an epic gathering of our partner project managers, Plus2 girls (that is, girls who have received Plus2 scholarships from The Kiran Anjali Project and are now attending junior college), the parents of the girls, and a few Plus2 graduates who are now attending university. This was the first time we had held an event to bring together families of the girls along with project participants, program managers, and a board member. Some girls and families traveled over an hour to meet me. I spent three hours there, speaking with each girl and her parent one-on-one. It was endearing and uplifting and motivated me to want to do more.

Each family has a unique story and with your help, together we have been able to change the trajectory of their lives. One mother explained to me, through tears and in her native tongue, the difference the Plus2 Scholarship has not only made to the life of her daughter, but to their entire family.  The mom is not educated; she has never stepped into a classroom. Her daughter’s experience and sharing of what she is learning has been enlightening to her also. The mom explained that she knew she had to find a way to educate her daughter, but she never imagined her daughter would reach and finish junior college.

One father grabbed both my hands and thanked all of you as he pleaded for us to continue funding his daughter’s education. He explained to me, through an interpreter, that he always had big dreams for his daughter. He wanted her to be educated and have a good job. This father was only allowed to attend school to 7thgrade and no matter how hard he tries he can only get jobs that pay approximately $110 / month. That is not enough to support his family and educate his daughter. He went on to tell me that if not for your support his daughter would be working on the streets and he is so thankful that she is spared from that life.

When we meet with students and partner projects we always assess if there are any problems that need to be addressed. During this visit, I discovered two things: a couple of the girls were struggling in a few subjects and wanted extra help, and many of the girls wanted to participate in sports or physical activity.  Because of your support, we were able to provide tutors for the girls that needed them and find places near their colleges for physical activity.

I mentioned to all the girls and their families that I was representing you, the donors. Your investment is providing this incredible educational opportunity. Even though many of you may not get the chance to meet the families you are supporting, know that you are transforming their lives. These families, as well as all of us at The Kiran Anjali Project, are forever grateful.

Check out the video that was made during my visit.