Your donation can make a big difference in the lives of these children.

Direct your donation to one of our projects or to the KAP partner with the greatest need.

Greatest Need

Allow us to apply your donation to the project with the greatest immediate need.

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Direct your donation to your choice of our partner projects.
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Make a monthly commitment to a child:

Only $50 / month

Funds a child’s education and meal costs for a year.

Your one-time donation can also make an enormous impact:


Funds a preschool teacher salary.


Funds one child to attend elementary school for 1 year + 2 meals a day.


Funds one teen to attend high school for 1 year + 2 meals a day + opportunity costs (books, uniforms, tutoring, sanitary products.)


Funds a Plus2 scholarship for one teen to attend Junior College for 2 years + opportunity costs (books, meal support, transportation, sanitary products.)