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Baale Mane

Baale Mane is a long-term home for up to 50 vulnerable girls, located in a village outside Bangalore, India. Many of the girls are orphans or have been rescued from domestic child labor, domestic violence, living on the streets, or single parent families living in poverty. Baale Mane provides a safe and loving home for the girls and enrolls them in local schools. The Kiran Anjali Project is providing funds to provide extra English language instruction so that the girls can have better success at the English-medium schools they attend. We are also providing scholarships for older girls to attend Junior College.

Carnation Learning Center

Carnation Learning Center is a preschool and learning support center located in the slums of Bangalore. Carnation provides free, Montessori-based preschool education for up to 100 students using an English-based curriculum to teach the basis of reading, writing, and mathematics. Preschool students receive two nutritious meals per day, hygiene products, fun outings, and other enrichment. The children are also taught the state language, Kannada. Upon graduation, many of the children receive scholarships to attend a local English-medium school. These students participate in the after school Plus-10 program at the center where they receive homework help, attend various clubs, and are given a nutritious snack.

In addition to educating the youngest and poorest, Carnation also trains and promotes needy women within the organization. 70% of the staff is made up of local women who are given training and educational opportunities so that they can be independent.

Plus2 Scholarship Program

The Kiran Anjali Project’s Plus2 Scholarship Program currently provides full scholarships to graduates from the Wings School and Baale Mane so that they may attend junior college (a two year program.) Scholarships cover school fees, books, stationery items and opportunity costs such as canteen allowance and transportation card.

The Wings School

The Wings School is a school for girls located outside Hyderabad, India.  Wings provides a free, high quality education and two meals a day to  girls from very poor families.  The girls study an English-medium curriculum as well as learning the state language (Telugu) and the national language of India (Hindi).  Other classes include Tae-kwon-do for self defense, art, and dance. As the girls get older, they receive job skills training or scholarships to local junior colleges. Many of the students at Wings are at high risk for exploitation.  By providing the girls with healthy meals as well as an education, families are encouraged to keep their daughters in school.


Baale Mane Girls