Carnation Learning Center

Carnation Learning Center is a preschool and learning support center serving children from extremely low income communities in inner-city Bangalore. Carnation provides preschool education for up to 100 students using an English-based curriculum, teaching the basis of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students receive two nutritious meals per day, hygiene products, field trips, and other enrichment. Your support helps fund operating costs for the school as well as scholarships for graduating children attending a local English-medium school. These students participate in the after school programs at the center where they receive homework help, attend various clubs, and are given a nutritious snack.

In addition to educating the youngest children from disadvantaged communities, Carnation also trains and promotes women from the neighborhoods within the organization. 70% of the staff is made up of local women who are given training and educational opportunities so that they can be independent.

Video: Meet Ayesha, a former Carnation preschool student who received a scholarship to primary school and attends the after school program.

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I love going to school!  You have changed my life.

Ayesha, Carnation Plus 10 participant