Feminist Approach to Technology (F.A.T.)

After-school STEM program

F.A.T.’s Jugaad Lab is fighting the gender gap in STEM by encouraging girls to explore the world of electronics and everyday science. Girls come from throughout low-income communities in south Delhi to the lab, where basic understanding and curiosity of STEM subjects is kindled through hands-on projects. In Level 1 of the program, the girls work with tools, assemble circuits, do science experiments, and make or break things to understand what makes them tick. In Level 2 they learn coding, make electronic projects, and hack solutions for problems they see around them while collaborating with kids across countries and with other technology enthusiasts who come to share their skills.

The girls receive the after-school support needed to succeed in school. The staff at F.A.T. work with families to ensure the girls stay in school and on track for higher education.

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Through this sponsorship I got the great opportunity to study.  It paved the path to my dreams, which I thought impossible.

Lopa, Plus2 scholarship recipient