Project Description


Our Plus2 Scholarships provide a much needed stepping stone to university. In India school finishes after class 10 exams are written, typically around age 16. Students who can afford it then attend junior college (also know as “intermediate” and “PUC.”) The two-year junior college program is specialized by subject of study and results determine a student’s eligibility for university course programs. Unfortunately, most junior colleges are private and therefore out-of-reach for poor students.

The Kiran Anjali Project’s Plus2 Scholarship program provides two-year scholarships for destitute girls who aspire to attend junior college. The scholarship covers college fees, books and supplies, as well as opportunity costs such as transportation cards and sanitary products. By funding a Plus2 Scholarship, you will be helping a girl reach her dreams of higher education.

Through this sponsorship I got the great opportunity to study.  It paved the path to my dreams, which I thought impossible.

Lopa, Plus2 scholarship recipient