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                     Jasmine and her mother

Jasmine is the youngest daughter in a family of four children. She lives with her mother and attends Carnation Learning Center. Her father abandoned the family and married another woman so life is a struggle for her now single mother. Despite her family’s difficulties, Jasmine is a happy child who is eager to learn and does very well in class.

Jasmine’s mother, Nagavalli, earns about $50 a month doing house work and creating flower decorations for Indian festivals. She and her children live in slum quarters given by the government. Nagavalli is determined that all her children get the education they need so they have a brighter future. She has a vision for her children and is always helping them and encouraging them in their studies. She is very thankful for the help she receives from Carnation Learning Center. Nagavalli wants Jasmine to have a better life and be able to be independent by having a good job to support herself.


                        Regan and his mother

Regan is a very active student at Carnation Learning Center. He lives with his mother, Shalini, in slum quarters provided by the government in Bangalore. His father passed away recently due to illness. Shalini is now the sole breadwinner for the family. She works from home stitching clothes to make a living. Her monthly income is only about $60, making it tough to manage her expenses. Her dream is to educate Regan in an English medium school which could secure him a good job and break the cycle of poverty.

Regan learns very fast and is good in his studies. Shalini is very happy that her son is getting such good care and education with the help of Carnation. She has hope now that her dreams for her son are within reach and that their future can be bright if he pursues his studies diligently. She is very appreciative of all the people who make it possible for her son to get a good education.