Teen KAP is our initiative to engage youth in service work that benefits the children in our partner programs in India. Participating teens learn about the plight of disadvantaged girls in India and how their work with The Kiran Anjali Project makes a difference. They also learn valuable skills in project management, marketing, and fundraising. Teen KAP projects are selected in coordination with our partner projects and often include some sort of direct connection with the children in India.

To get more insight into the Teen KAP experience and the work participants do, I reached out to some students and leaders involved in Bellevue, Washington and Burlingame, California. I was curious about their experience, memorable moments, and what they learned through their participation in Teen KAP.

The first group I connected with was from Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle. This group concentrated their efforts on fundraising and awareness activities. Anandamela is an Indian cultural festival, and the Teen KAP group signed up to have a booth. The goal was to spread the word and raise awareness about The Kiran Anjali Project and collect donations. One participant, Shivani Sinha says, “At the Anandamela, I explained what KAP was to a couple. They listened to me and when I had finished my explanation, they gave me $20 for KAP.” Each teen was asked to develop an “elevator speech” (tell who and what The Kiran Anjali Project is in the time it takes to ride in an elevator) for the event. These dynamic kids are developing communication and marketing skills that will undoubtedly be beneficial in the future.

The Teen KAP group in Burlingame concentrated on service projects for Carnation Learning Center, Baale Mane, and Plus2 in Hyderabad. This is the third summer for this group and they have developed a nice connection with the partner programs in India. To help the girls in the English Language Intensive at Baale Mane, they made daily life videos to exchange with the girls at Baale Mane. They also made tie-dyed shirts for the girls to reward their efforts. Carnation Learning Center requested help in developing curriculum for the preschool program using PowerPoint presentations. The teens made slide shows on topics like careers, farm life, and sea life. The teachers at Carnations were very appreciative of the support. The teens were informed that some of the Plus2 girls struggle to stay motivated in junior college, which is much larger and faster paced than what they are used to. So they made a series of “Open When..” letters to give the Plus2 students: “Open when you want to give up”, “Open when you need a laugh”, “Open when you feel proud,” etc. Each project was personal and tailored for the specific partner program and gave the Teen KAP participants a great sense of making a meaningful difference.

Teen KAP students are doing amazing work for The Kiran Anjali Project and the partner projects. They are making a difference to the individual students and financially contributing to the betterment of all the programs. A huge thank you to Teen KAP leaders Mallika Kohli, Hema Pombra, and Pallavi Patel, in addition to all the Teen KAP participants and their parents. We are so touched by your enthusiasm and passion to help children supported by The Kiran Anjali Project.

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