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Volunteer in India

If you are living in or plan to be visiting the Hyderabad area and would like to volunteer at a KAP partner organization, please contact us.   Opportunities include:  Teaching English or sharing a skill with students or helping with administrative tasks.  Contact Linda at lfloyd@kaproject.org.

Get involved in the U.S.

Representatives from The Kiran Anjali Project are available to give presentations about our work to groups in the Seattle area and the San Francisco Bay area.  Contact Linda at lfloyd@kaproject.org.  Another great way to support our work is to host an event to benefit The Kiran Anjali Project.  Contact Linda for more information.

KAP Coin Art

Want a fun activity for the next Scout meeting, block party, or church picnic?  Why not create Coin Art with the KAP logo and donate the proceeds?  All you need is a pavement, sidewalk chalk, and artists.  Here is how it works.  Draw a large scale drawing of the KAP logo on the pavement using orange and white chalk.  Guests are asked to bring their silver and copper coins to the event; copper coins are placed on the orange and silver on the white.  Quick tip, if you are handing out flyers describing the activity before the event, staple a zip lock to the flyer and ask that it be filled with coins.  Partially filled KAP Coin Art displays have raised $300!  We would love to see what a full Coin Art would earn! Simple, creative, and fun!

Coin Art


  • Start with a picture of the KAP logo as your guide.
  • Cut 3 different lengths of string: 44, 40 and 36 inches.
  • Tie a loop on one end of each string and put a piece of white chalk in the loop.
  • Have one person hold the shortest string pressed down to the pavement while the other person walks around in a circle with the chalk on the pavement to draw a circle.  Repeat 2 more times with longer pieces of string and chalk.
  • Starting at the top of the circle draw a half circle at the top, bottom, and 2 sides around the larger circles, then draw the half circles in between (look at the logo).
  • Take a paper bag or newspaper and draw a petal 24 inches long, pointed at the top and bottom. At the widest point in the middle of the petal it will be 10 inches.  Look at the logo and draw the outline of 8 petals.
  • Next, draw a flower using pink chalk in the center of the large petals.
  • Color in the orange background with chalk and free hand the small circles and tear drops around the outside of the logo with orange chalk.
  • Sweep up the coins at the end of the event and take them to the bank or a coin machine.

Another tip: go to the bank ahead of time and get coin bags.

There are many grassroots organizations in India working to keep children in school where they belong but they need our help.