Carnation Learning Center celebrates their pint-sized graduates.

Carnation Learning Center celebrates their pint-sized graduates.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

It is a proud occasion for The Kiran Anjali Project as we celebrate the 2016 graduates. All the girls from the 10th class at The Wings School for Girls have done well on the state exams and have qualified for junior college. The young students at Carnation Learning Center have graduated from preschool and are advancing to primary school with after-school support at the center. And our newest sponsored program, Baale Mane, will have 5 girls starting junior college in the new academic year. The students from The Wings School for Girls and Baale Mane are supported through the Kiran Anjali Project’s Plus2 Scholarship Program. We see this as a vital initiative since only 30% of girls in India continue in school past age 15.

The State Board of Secondary Education exam is the end-all-be-all for 10th class students in India. Over 500,000 students took the exam in Telangana, the state where The Wings School for Girls is located.  The threshold for passing is only 35%. The Wings’ students exceeded the minimum pass rate with scores ranging from 65% to 87%. Additionally, Wings was one of 2,379 schools that could boast a 100% pass rate. Most of the schools that achieved this distinction are elite high-tuition schools, making Wings’ performance all the more impressive.

The Carnation Learning Center results are equally admirable. Each of this year’s 12 graduates was required to take an entrance exam for admission into a private school near the center and they all did very well. Graduation day at Carnation Learning Center was a fun-filled event with awards and accolades as parents, teachers, and students celebrated together.

The Baale Mane students come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Many have already scaled a metaphorical mountain just to survive, such as 17 year old Ayushi. She received high marks on her 10th standard exams and will be enrolled at St Theresa’s Triveni PUC College studying arts with a special focus on English. Ayushi’s mother had re-married and was neglecting her, working occasionally as an informal sex worker and the family was periodically homeless. It was very unsafe for Ayushi, who is now thriving at Baale Mane. She has aspirations to go on to college become an English teacher. Her dream is possible with support from the Plus2 Scholarship Program.

Together we will all celebrate the great places our students will go thanks to your generosity.  Three cheers for the graduates and the donors who made dreams their come true!