An Orphan Gets a Leg Up

These girls have improved their English language skills thanks to a grant from The Kiran Anjali Project.

These girls have improved their English language skills thanks to a grant from The Kiran Anjali Project.

The Kiran Anjali Project was thrilled when our newest sponsored program, Baale Mane, a home for neglected girls, submitted a proposal to fund a summer English language intensive course for the girls at their facility. The lack of English ability was a major roadblock for many of the girls, preventing them from qualifying for admission into high-quality English-medium private schools. The girls’ only option became the local government school with a student to teacher ratio of 1:80. Baale Mane’s English intensive turned out to be a huge success. Each of the girls made progress, measured by pre-test and post-test scores.  In fact, some more than doubled their scores! By the time the program concluded, eight primary school girls were able to transfer to an English-medium school! English is important because it is required for government jobs and university admission in India.

Ten-year-old Maitreyee was one of the girls who benefited. This shy and withdrawn girl had a very rough start in life. Orphaned when she was a baby, Maitreyee was sent to live with an alcoholic aunt who forced her to beg on the streets.  After a few short-term intuitional placements, she came to live at Baale Mane in 2015. Being very bright and able, she started to do well in government school even though it was limiting. Once she started on the summer English intensive program, her confidence and language ability skyrocketed. She now attends an English-medium school where the possibilities for her are endless.

Maitreyee, and the other girls at Baale Mane now have brighter futures with the power of education. This incredible transformation would not have been possible without the generous support of the donors at The Kiran Anjali Project.  Take pride in their accomplishments and stay tuned for continued stories of changed lives. Thank you for your support!

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