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Wings Girls Beat the Odds

By |2016-11-04T14:29:18-07:00June 1st, 2015|Wings School|

All of Wings School’s Class 10 girls passed their state board exams! This year's Class 10 girls when they started at Wings in 2009. That was the call I got at the crack of dawn a couple of weeks ago from Grace. “It’s truly a momentous day here in the village. Everyone is [...]

Grace’s Great American Adventure

By |2016-11-04T14:29:18-07:00April 3rd, 2015|Fund Raising, Wings School|

Grace enjoyed meeting supporters at the Seattle fundraiser luncheon. In the summer of 2013 I was visiting the Wings School for KAP’s annual site visit. Grace, the school’s founder and director, said, “I want to visit America. Do you think it is possible?” Two years later after multiple emails and trips to the [...]

Kick Like a Girl 2014

By |2016-11-04T14:29:19-07:00December 1st, 2014|Fund Raising, Wings School|

The Wings team competed in the 2013 National Tae Kwon Do Championships. Several girls won medals. My first trip to India was in 1994. Sunil, my husband, and I had a desert holiday in Rajasthan. Last stop was Udaipur, then back to Delhi to catch our flight home. The trip to Delhi got [...]

Wings 5th Anniversary

By |2016-11-04T14:29:19-07:00October 2nd, 2014|Wings School|

Six years ago the Wings School was just a dream. When Grace Rajkumar shared her vision of a school for poor girls I said “Let’s do it!”  What a thrill to return to India to celebrate the school’s fifth anniversary. Linda, Grace, Kiran and school principal Victor at the entrance to the Wings School. [...]

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