Over the years our supporters have come up with some creative ways to raise funds for KAP. KAP supporters Jane Bove and Cheryl Dartt created the ultimate “feel good while doing good” running challenge at Microsoft (and beyond). Fellow runners were challenged to “step-it-up” by setting mileage goals for October during Microsoft’s Giving Campaign. Jane and Cheryl offered to be the primary sponsors paying a donation to KAP for accomplished goals. Participants who didn’t meet the goal that week paid the donation amount. This was a win-win for KAP and the girls at the Wing School!

Cheryl created cool algorithms that helped participants track their goals and any money “owed.”  To keep the motivation up, they had destination events where participants could gather for organized runs. According to Jane, “Cheryl made this event a great example of diversity and inclusion – all levels, men, women, inside and outside Microsoft. Everyone who participated had the benefit of feeling good on the outside with a healthier self, and feeling good on the inside for their charitable donations to KAP. What I learned was that raising money while having fun and getting healthy is a great combination!”

Many thanks to Cheryl, Jane and all the participants who helped raise over $5,000 for KAP.