Table Captain Corner

Sarita Valji and Anita Shekar Akerkar are the 2020 Audience Development Team!  Like all of us at the Kiran Anjali Project they are enormously grateful for your time and global community leadership in making each child’s chance possible.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Sarita Valji
Sarita Valji
Anita Shekar Akerkar
Anita Shekar Akerkar

Tips and Announcements

How to fill your table

Invite early, invite many

Tables seat 10, but the most effective strategy is to invite a large group of people in your initial invitation. In the case where we’re so lucky more than 10 of your invitees accept, we’ll create more than one table for you!  Or, we’ll cluster a group of your invited guests at a neighboring table.  You’ll have the opportunity to tell us what works for you.  More people attending creates greater success for us all.

Make inviting guests easy

  • Create an email distribution list and bcc all the guests you’d like to invite.  This makes it easy to send out a second request if necessary.
  • Forward our luncheon invitation with all the details and include a personal email note. Here’s a sample to get you started: (Word doc) (PDF)

Think outside the box

  • Consider parents of your friends
  • Host a men’s table
  • Invite people you know through social clubs, book clubs, sports teams, place of worship
  • Invite politicians or other local community leaders, celebrities or sports figures you’d like to meet – even if you don’t know them. Wouldn’t YOU have the cool table if they accept!
  • Invite five people, and ask each to bring a friend

Talking to guests about the Opportunity Luncheon

The 9th Annual Kiran Anjali Project Opportunity Luncheon is a chance to be inspired by what we’ve all accomplished, and what’s ahead for 2020. We have much to celebrate this year!

  • The Opportunity Luncheon educates guests about impoverished children, specifically in India.  The challenges to poor children in India, especially girls, are profound.
  • The chance to understand how powerful grassroots efforts are life-changing will be a key element of the work highlighted at this luncheon.
  • Investments in our work continue to grow – thanks to social change leaders like you.
  • The Opportunity Luncheon is educational, and inspiring (and fun and tasty!), but it’s primarily a fundraiser.  We are asking guests to thoughtfully consider making a minimum $200 donation.  We can tell you the names of the children who are counting on a chance to have a stable future.

  • We continue to offer the option for guests to make monthly pledges.  This has proven to be a popular choice as it spreads out the support over a year, making more generous giving possible.

Features of this year’s event!

  • Extended pre-event social time
  • Silent auction
  • Raffle
  • Lunch served at your seat (no more buffet lines!)

  • And, as always, our popular henna artists and delicious Indian food!

How to register guests

  • Have your guests register themselves on-line. This is the simplest method if they’re paying the registration fee themselves.
  • Or, you can register your guests. This works best if you already know who you’re inviting and have their details. You can always register additional guests later.

  • Or, we’ll register your guests for you. Just contact Sarita or Anita.

What we’ll do for you

  • We’ll draft an email for you to send to invited guests.
  • We’ll send out pre-event reminders to every registered guest prior to the event.
  • Our Audience Development team will give you regular updates of the guests who have registered at your table. Or you can just use the button above to see the list of everyone who has registered.

  • Ask our Audience Development team for help if you need it!

Other considerations

Do you have a guest with food restrictions?

Please contact Sarita or Salima and they will arrange a special meal if necessary.

Table Guest Thank-You’s

It’s not expected, but table captains sometimes choose to provide a small gift or message for each guest.  If you decide to do this, here are some ideas:

  • A personalized note to each guest
  • Chocolates
  • A small plant or seed package
  • Ask your favorite store to provide 10 small gifts
  • A favorite book
  • Homemade treat bag
  • A favorite recipe
  • Bookmark
  • Use your imagination, and keep it simple!

Exclusive Event Sponsorships

Table captains often provide the best tips!  Do you know of an individual or corporation who would be an event sponsor with exclusive recognition?  Contact Salima Bangur.

Salima Bangur
Salima Bangur

Event Details

The Kiran Anjali Project Opportunity Luncheon

Thursday, March 5th
The Hyatt Regency Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue WA